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Workspace Resource Booking

the NextGen booking platform for employees and Facility Managers to maximise office utilisation.

Meetings Productivity

a must-have for CxOs looking to solve the wicked-problem of unproductive meetings.

Digital Services Catalogue

the oneApp digital connection between users and Facility Managers and other service providers.

Meeting Room Bookings Efficiency

suited for Front of House and Executive Assistants with inefficient room bookings.

Flexible Workspace Platform.

AI-powered platform that adapts to the way you work.
Improve workplace efficiency. Ignite workforce productivity.

Trusted by Top Companies

selected customers in Latin America, North America, Asia, and Europe.


we are proud to integrate with the best-in-class vendors.

display panel, RFID, desk signage, occupancy sensor, light bar

ticketing system

office 365, microsoft teams, outlook, powerbi

webex, cisco navigator panel

The Problems We Solve

we help companies around the world to improve workplace efficiency and to ignite workforce productivity.

Workspace Platform Modules

complete workspace platform for an efficient workplace and productive workforce

/desk booking

/room booking

/parking management

/locker booking


/digital checklist

/mailroom management

/ticket tracker

/service requests

/visitor management


/work orders

/targeted communication

/events management

Room Booking inefficiencies

a challenge for front of house and executive assistants

  • Receptionists often deal with multiple peoples' schedules, making it challenging to find suitable time slots for meetings and ensuring there are no conflicts.

  • Managers, directors, VPs, and CxOs may have impromptu meetings or need to reschedule, requiring the front of house staff to adapt quickly, potentially affecting catering orders.

  • Ensuring meeting rooms are available and properly equipped can be a challenge, especially across global offices with limited meeting spaces.

  • Employees and guests may have specific food preferences or dietary restrictions, and receptionists need to accommodate these while coordinating catering orders.

  • Keeping internal and external customers informed about meeting room bookings, catering details, and any changes in real-time can be a logistical challenge.

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Paper-based, multiple apps dilemma

dissatisfaction for users, Facility Managers, IT, and other service providers

  • More complex applications with extensive features and functionalities may require more time for employees to become proficient.

  • Intuitive user interfaces and well-designed applications can significantly reduce the time required for employees to learn new software.

  • The availability of comprehensive training materials, such as tutorials, documentation, and online courses, can help employees learn new apps more quickly.

  • The urgency and importance of using the new app for job tasks can influence the amount of time employees dedicate to learning it. Employees may prioritise learning new apps that are essential to their job.

  • Different employees have different learning styles and preferences. Some may prefer hands-on experimentation, while others may prefer structured training courses or video tutorials.

Antiquated Resource Booking

cause of frustration, anxiety and conflicts between users, Facility Managers, IT, and other service providers

  • Facility Managers must devise a system to allocate desks efficiently for the return to office under a hybrid model. This may involve implementing hot-desking policies where employees share desks on a rotating basis or adopting flexible work schedules to stagger office attendance. Ensuring optimal space utilisation while accommodating employees' preferences and needs can be a complex task.

  • Scheduling conflicts are inevitable. Facility managers must implement a robust booking system to manage meeting room reservations effectively. They may need to prioritise meetings based on urgency, size, and importance, while also considering remote meeting options to alleviate demand for physical space.

  • Insufficient parking slots may present a significant challenge. Facility managers may need to priories parking for employees with specific needs, such as those with disabilities or essential personnel. Implementing alternative transportation options like carpooling, public transportation subsidies, or remote work policies can help alleviate parking constraints.

  • One must prioritise locker allocation based on employee needs. They may need to implement locker-sharing policies or time limits to ensure fair access for all employees. Additionally, managing locker security and maintenance becomes crucial to prevent theft or damage to personal belongings.

  • Balancing limited resources with employee satisfaction is key to a successful return to the office. Facility managers must communicate effectively with employees about the challenges and limitations of the workspace, while also soliciting feedback and suggestions for improvement. Providing amenities such as alternative workspaces, remote work options, and ergonomic equipment can help enhance the employee experience despite the constraints.

Much more than desk and room booking.

digital checklists | service requests | ticket tracker | parking management | people finder | catering | event management | analytics

Much more than desk and room booking.

digital checklists | service requests | ticket tracker | parking management | locker booking | people finder | catering | event management | analytics

Digital Checklists

Digitise your checklists under one App and benefit from real-time analytics.

explore platform

Service Requests

Improve employee experience by connecting them to service providers.

build your own catalogue

Room Booking

Eliminate no-shows, maximise room utilisation, and optimise CRE.

more information

Individual Contributor

USD 30

avg hourly rate

avg # meetings per week


USD 330

total weekly cost

USD 17,160

total yearly cost


USD 100

avg hourly rate

avg # meetings per week


USD 1,500

total weekly cost

USD 78,000

total yearly cost


USD 150

avg hourly rate

avg # meetings per week


USD 3,300

total weekly cost

USD 171,600

total yearly cost

Vice President

USD 250

avg hourly rate

avg # meetings per week


USD 7,000

total weekly cost

USD 364,000

total yearly cost


USD 450

avg hourly rate

avg # meetings per week


USD 15,750

total weekly cost

USD 819,000

total yearly cost

Cost of Unproductive Meetings

significant impact on top and bottom line for CxOs, CHROs

# of Individual Contributors

# of Managers

# of Directors

# of Vice Presidents

# of CxO

% of meetings that are unproductive

Total Yearly Cost

of Unproductive Meetings

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