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Native Integration with Crestron Flex Scheduling

leverage Crestron panels, RFID, occupancy sensor, and availability indicators.

eliminate zombie meetings, maximise room utilisation.

New Wave Workspace for Webex

integrates with Webex devices and IoT sensors for an intelligent and superior room booking experience.

integration is in our DNA and now we integrate with Webex!

Microsoft Integrations

enhances the Microsoft user experience with intelligent room booking, check-in, check-out, and insightful room usage analytics.

integration is in our DNA and now we integrate with Microsoft!

Integration DNA

Integration DNA

leverage the power of human and IoT sensors.

towards the art of the possible.

all integrations

room panels and desk signage

IoT sensors


chat | messaging

analytics | BI tools

video conference

ITSM systems

smart lockers

access control

Book from anywhere

leverage our one App and book your meeting room from your desk, or as a walk-in meeting on Crestron enterprise-grade scheduling panel.

flexible workspace platform that adapts to the way you work.

Locate room and check-in

benefit from Crestron illuminated indicators to help people to quickly locate available rooms.

scheduling panels outside rooms allow for easy meeting check-in with RFID bagde scan.

Room occupancy, reallocate real estate

obtain meeting room utilisation insights, how they are being used.

aim for right-size offices based on real-time utilisation data.

Intelligent Room Booking

quickly find and book Webex enabled meeting rooms

search meeting rooms by building. floor. capacity. tags. temperature.

Cisco Webex Navigator

native integration for easy check-in, check-out, meeting release upon no-shows.

walk-in booking for more accurate room utilisation analytics.

Room Analytics

understand room utilisation, occupancy, no-shows.

improve user experience from room booking, IoT data insights.

Wayfinding. POI

quickly find colleagues and understand building occupancy.

easily locate meeting rooms on 3D map.

Embedded Webex App

intelligent room finder on Cisco Webex One.

superior User eXperience from one App.

Contact Us

More than 60 resellers globally offering you a local service.

Contact Us

More than 60 resellers globally offering you a local service.

Contact Us

More than 60 resellers globally offering you a local service.

01. Which Webex devices are supported by New Wave Workspace for Webex?

All Cisco Webex devices are supported.

02. What does the onboarding process entail?

The onboarding process is straight forward. Once a paid New Wave Workspace subscription is acquired, our Customer Success Team will guide you through Step 1: Hybrid Calendar authorisation, Step 2: 3D Map creation, and  Step 3: Rooms, Desks, Parking, Lockers, Service Requests, Digital Checklist setup.

03. How do I test-drive New Wave Workspace for Webex?

Contact us for a guided test-drive.

Frequently Asked Questions App

Microsoft Office 365

bi-directional calendar integration

Microsoft PowerBI

insightful data-analytics

Microsoft Teams

find MS Teams colleagues

Discover the benefits for you!

Facility Manager

insightful data. occupiers' feedback. right-size offices.

Human Resources

diverse workforce. employee happiness. mental health.


crowd control. insightful CRE data. employee safety.


hybrid work. networking. communication.

Information Technology

robust architecture. integrated solution. easy deployment.

Financial Director

support business units. justification for purchase. CRE occupancy.

Blog News

read latest blog news about #hybridwork and New Wave Workspace.

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