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/one App

one App available as a web App and smartphone App as a single pane of glass for all of your workplace needs.

#deskbooking, #roomscheduling, #carparkingbooking, #lockerbooking, #digitalchecklists, #catering, #workorders, #servicerequestscatalogue, #analytics.

/zones and /neighbourhoods

easily configure zones and neighbourhoods to only allow bookings to the appropriate people on assigned desks, authorised meeting rooms, allocated parking slots.

#hybridwork, #neighbourhoods, #workplacepolicies

/workplace policies

implement any workplace policies as desired with our extremely flexible and adaptable workplace policy editor.

#returntooffice, #hybridwork, #workplacestrategy, #workplacepolicies, #hr, #fm, #cre, #healthyandsafety

/return to office planner

plan your work week by finding where team members and colleagues are working from, and book desks for the team.

#returntooffice, #teamwork, #collaboration, #backtotheoffice, #hybridwork

Ultimate Flexibility

More than 50+ workplace policies to ensure New Wave Workspace adapts to the way you work. 

embrace #hybridwork

New Wave Workspace #hybridwork interview with ChatGPT, powered by Colossyan AI bots

/human resources


Q1. Can #hr facilitate diversity under #hybridwork?

New Wave Workspace workplace policies enable a  diverse team to use the office at most convenient times to promote diversity and serendipity.

Q2. Are employees happy under #hybridwork?

New Wave Workspace forms can be fully customised to engage and obtain feedback from employees to enhance well-being and happiness at workplace.

Q3. What is our team mental health?

New Wave Workspace #analytics can be used to identify absenteeism which may be an indication of mental health.

/facility manager


Q1. What occupancy data can I have?

New Wave Workspace #analytics is comprehensive and includes desk, room, parking, locker utilisation, occupancy, most and least popular resources.

Q2. Can I improve the quality of service to users?

New Wave Workspace service requests can be fully configured with more than 20 widgets into one App for ease collaboration between #fm and users.

Q3. What office square footage do I really need?

New Wave Workspace business calculator and #analytics can provide real-time utilisation, and help to calculate cost of real estate planning.



Q1. Where should I work from to be most productive?

New Wave Workspace intelligent resource booking, people finder, and service requests help you to identify where to work from to be most productive.

Q2. Are my team members coming to the office?

New Wave Workspace people finder will identify where your chosen colleagues are working from, and allow you to book a desk or meeting room near them.

Q3. Will I have a desk available?

New Wave Workspace workplace policies allow #hr, #fm to configure seat allocation between assigned, unassigned to maximise desks available.

/information technology


Q1. How scalable is the solution?

New Wave Workspace workplace policies enable a  diverse team to use the office at most convenient times to promote diversity and serendipity.

Q2. How does integration work?

New Wave Workspace integration DNA expresses not only our willingness but also expertise to integrate into 3rd party tools for optimum UX and workflows.

Q3. Is SaaS the way to go?

Yes. New Wave Workspace leverages Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services, two of the de-factor SaaS providers.

/corporate real estate


Q1. Can I control who gets into the building?

Yes. New Wave Workspace can act as the business rules for who gets access through the access control to the building.

Q2. Will I have workplace occupancy data?

Yes. New Wave Workspace #analytics will provide data insights based on workplace occupancy, utilisation, and much more!

Q3. Can it help me with building security?

Yes. New Wave Workspace can help to determine who can and cannot access the building when integrated into an access control system.

/financial director


Q1. Does #hybridwork make sense financially?

#hybridwork can be a key component on cost savings and cost avoidance. New Wave Workspace business calculator can help to highlight savings.

Q2. Can I secure flexible contracts with CRE?

Yes. CRE owners offer flexible cre leases post-pandemic. New Wave Workspace occupancy can be used as real-usage data to assist with negotiations.

Q3. How to track ROI under #hybridwork?

Tangible ROI $ can be tracked based on cre reduced, or avoided due to better workplace policies and #analytics re office occupancy and utilisation.

Blog News

read latest blog news about #hybridwork and New Wave Workspace.

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