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Marcelo Almeida joins as New Head of Channels for Brazil

Updated: Apr 29

Marcelo Almeida joins as Head of Channels Brazil, New Wave Workspace.

New Wave Workspace, a leading provider of innovative workplace management solutions, is excited to announce Marcelo Almeida as our new Head of Channels Brazil.

In this vital role, Marcelo brings his extensive experience from various outstanding companies where he has excelled in engineering, planning, purchasing, supply, business, sales, marketing, and operations. His broad expertise is a perfect match for New Wave Workspace’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

As Head of Channels Brazil, Marcelo will focus on developing and strengthening our channel partnerships, employing his deep knowledge of strategic planning and business development. He will work towards enhancing channel partner relationships, identifying new partnership opportunities, and implementing strategies that benefit both New Wave Workspace and its channel partners. His role will be pivotal in expanding our market reach, increasing channel sales, and ensuring our partners are equipped with the best workplace solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Moreover, Marcelo will play a key role in understanding the evolving needs of our channel partners, guiding them in utilizing the flexibility and adaptability of New Wave Workspace’s offerings. This approach will not only improve workplace experiences but also drive significant results across various business aspects.

Collaborating closely with our commercial leadership, Marcelo will leverage his consultative skills and business acumen to innovate our offerings, penetrate new markets, and deliver exceptional professionalism and workplace solutions through our global network of channel partners and customers.”

Commenting on the appointment, Chief Commercial Officer Nica Faustino commented, "It is a pleasure to welcome Marcelo to the team. His vast experience, coupled with an inquisitive and analytical approach, are invaluable assets in today's market. From the interview process through his first day at work, Marcelo has impressed us with his open-mindedness and positive attitude toward the evolving opportunities that the future workplace presents for customers, channel partners, and New Wave Workspace. I am enthusiastic about working side-by-side with Marcelo and the team to empower our channel partners with best-in-class technology. Together, we will enable the modern workplace and shape the future of work, fostering strong partnerships and innovative solutions that benefit everyone in our network.”


"Embarking on this exciting journey with New Wave Workspace as the Head of Channels Brazil fills me with a sense of purpose and determination. Together with the remarkable team, I am confident that we are poised to redefine the global market landscape through our channel partnerships. The vision for the future of work and the pivotal role that workspace technology can play in it is not just a dream; it's a mission that the New Wave Workspace Team is committed to achieving." Marcelo Almeida

"In my role, I am dedicated to leveraging my experience in channel development, exchanging knowledge, and learning from our partners and customers. My focus will be on working closely with channel partners to deliver top-notch workplace solutions that embody excellence, outstanding results, and innovation, aligning with the evolving needs of the modern workplace."


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