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Native Integration with Crestron Flex Scheduling

leverage Crestron panels, RFID, occupancy sensor, and availability indicators.

eliminate zombie meetings, maximise room utilisation.

Book from anywhere

leverage our one App and book your meeting room from your desk, or as a walk-in meeting on Crestron enterprise-grade scheduling panel.

flexible workspace platform that adapts to the way you work.

Locate room and check-in

benefit from Crestron illuminated indicators to help people to quickly locate available rooms.

scheduling panels outside rooms allow for easy meeting check-in with RFID bagde scan.

Contact Us

More than 60 resellers globally offering you a local service.

Room occupancy, reallocate real estate

obtain meeting room utilisation insights, how they are being used.

aim for right-size offices based on real-time utilisation data.

Desk Scheduling

transform your desks spaces into fully bookable hot-desking, hoteling workstations.

desk , phone booth, huddleroom signage indicating availability, announcements, service requests and much more! 

Nica Faustino

Chief Commercial Officer

m. +44 (0) 7979 828 189

  • LinkedIn

Marcelo Almeida

Head of Channel Brazil

m. +55 (011) 99402 0608

  • LinkedIn

Mike Gopal

Business Development Manager APAC, Middle East

m. +971 52 662 2273

  • LinkedIn

Sam Khosla

Channel Manager Canada

m. +1 (780) 868 1828

  • LinkedIn

Modern Work Interview

watch Neil Fluester,  Global Director Technology Alliances at Crestron interview Nica Faustino, Chief Commercial Officer.

all things hybrid work, future of work, modern workplace.

Crestron Flex Scheduling

New Wave Workspace adds value to the vast array of scheduling solutions from Crestron.

display panels, light bars, RFID Reader, and occupancy sensor.

display panel

light bar

occupancy sensor

RFID Reader

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