Crestron Partnership

Improving User Experience


Occupancy Sensor

Leverage New Wave Workspace native integration with Crestron occupancy sensor to book and manage walk-in meetings

Workspace Availability

New Wave Workspace runs natively on best-in-class Crestron Touch Panels, and integrates into Crestron light bars, Cloud XiO and occupancy sensors

Crestron TSS 70 green.png
New Wave Workspace iPhone QR Code.png

Zero-touch QR Code

Users can scan a QR Code and control meeting rooms from their fingertips


Enterprise Deployment

New Wave Workspace integrates into Crestron Cloud XiO allowing for corporate efficient deployment of pre-configured Crestron touch panels

Analytics & Reporting

New Wave Workspace captures real-time data and transforms into decision making insights


3D Floor Plan Kiosk

Available in 2D or 3D, Workspace floor plan is a perfect combination with Crestron larger screens