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Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Insights

The Synergy Between Human Collected Data and IoT Sensors.

In the digital era, data reigns supreme. It shapes our decisions, directs our actions, and fuels our innovations. Yet, the true power of data lies not just in its abundance but in the insights it unveils. In the realm of digital experiences and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, this synergy between human-collected data through our digital experience App and data collected from IoT sensors opens a realm of unprecedented possibilities.


Our digital experience App serves as a conduit for human interactions. From workspace booking activities like meeting room booking, hot-desking booking, which day of the month, week you come to to the office, who do you share the office with over time, what services you request from Facilities Management, IT, Human Resources, paints a vivid picture of user engagement.


However, human data alone offers only a partial view of the broader landscape.


Enter IoT sensors—the silent observers embedded in our environment. These unobtrusive devices capture a wealth of real-time data, from temperature and humidity to indoor air quality and noise levels. In isolation, these data streams offer valuable glimpses into environmental conditions. Yet, their true potential emerges when intertwined with human-collected data.


Consider a scenario where a corporate office monitors office occupancy through the people who booked meeting rooms, desks, lockers while simultaneously gathering data from IoT sensors embedded throughout the premises.

By correlating employees presence in the office, booking some of the resources  available to them with environmental factors such as temperature and noise levels, the Facilities Management , Human Resources, and Healthy and Safety teams gain profound insights into how the office is being utilised. It can optimize office layouts, adjust climate controls, and curate personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences, thus making the office much more attractive to the return to the office phase post pandemic.


In a project with more than 600 meeting rooms globally,  we correlated temperature and proximity IoT data with user booking data, we were able to identify which rooms were being underutilised due to too cold temperature and cut down the daily routine to confirm that meeting rooms were shut to a quarter of the time it used to take to do it room by room by a employee.

New Wave Workspace reporting, and analytics had a positive uptake on room bookings overtime once the issues were fixed and communicated to the building occupiers by the Facility Management team using New Wave Workspace Targeted Communications module, only targeting users who booked those spaces in the past.


Moreover, the fusion of human data and IoT sensor data transcends mere convenience—it empowers proactive decision-making.  By integrating this data with office occupancy data, FM, IT, HR can deliver more personalized office and digital experience to its occupiers and anticipate potential issues before they arise.


However, amidst the promise of data-driven insights, a fundamental truth emerges: no solution in isolation will ever be as potent as the synergies between human data and IoT sensor data. While each data source offers unique perspectives, it is their convergence that unlocks the full spectrum of possibilities. This begs a challenging question: Are we harnessing the full potential of data-driven insights, or are we content with fragmented glimpses of reality?


As we navigate the digital landscape, let us embrace the power of synergy—the harmonious fusion of human intuition and technological precision. By uniting human-collected data with insights gleaned from IoT sensors, we pave the way for a future defined not by isolated solutions, but by the boundless opportunities that arise when humanity and technology converge.


In this age of information, the true revolution lies not in the data itself, but in our ability to extract meaning from its depths, transcending boundaries, and forging connections that illuminate the path forward.


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