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10 considerations #deskbooking

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The first step is done – your organisation has adopted a #hybridwork model, providing you with greater flexibility over your work locations to help improve your overall personal wellbeing, allow for better use of time, avoid burnout, and increase work productivity.

Here are 10 questions that we see decision makers consider when selecting a desk booking platform.

01. Does the #deskbooking solution offer the flexibility my company requires for an ever-evolving workplace and workforce?

New Wave Workspace offers more than 50 workplace policies to provide the flexibility and adaptability required by our global customers. Configurable workplace policies details are available

02. Does the vendor have in-country commercial & technical presence and expertise?

New Wave Workspace is headquartered in the United Kingdom with team presence in England, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Switzerland, Norway, and South Africa, with a global reseller network of more than 60 companies.

03. How much support do I receive during the solution roll-out?

A New Wave Workspace customer success agent will be assigned to you for the lifetime of the relationship, from the project kick-off, through onboarding, and day 2 support, training, and more.

04. What is available in terms of training & adoption with my user base?

The customer success agent supports your ongoing end-user training and adoption program and will deliver virtual drop-in Q&As.

05. Do they have a successful track record?

New Wave Workspace is deployed in more than 12 countries, and used by top companies in the Finance, Corporate, Manufacturing, and Mining businesses. The solution is used by Fortune 500 companies, and by local small and medium businesses.

06. How deep is their experience in integrating the solution with other systems and desk signage devices?

We see integration as a key component for a successful partnership with our customers and technology vendors like Crestron, Cisco Webex, Microsoft, ServiceNOW, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerBI, Disruptive Technologies, Magikey, Desk Manager, and WhatsApp to name a few. New Wave Workspace can be the Superapp needed to help reduce app-sprawl through a simple, multi-service, flexible platform.

We adopt the 5W2H methodology to ensure all integrations answer a true business need with the simplest possible user experience.

07. What is their project management methodology?

We adopted a simplified Prince2 methodology for our 30-day roll-out project plan, where stake holders, key players and deliverables are identified after the kick-off meeting, then all project requirements are collected, and the New Wave Workspace customer success agent can guide the project through onboarding and day 2 support in tandem with our selected local reseller and the customer representatives.

08. How is my company and user data protected?

Data security is at the heart of our robust, scalable, and secure platform architecture. We utilise AWS ISO27001 certified services hosted in an AWS availability zone in a region near you, and in-country if required.

New Wave Workspace complies with GDPR and ISO27001 to ensure your data is secure and available to you on-demand.

09. How easy-to-use is the solution?

New Wave Workspace #deskbooking is extremely easy to use. We believe users should Tap, Tap, and be done with the task desired. Our user interface and user experience are modern, inclusive, and optimised for efficiency. Our adaptive accessibility settings accounts for users with visual deficiencies to ensure all users can benefit from the solution. We follow an Agile software development methodology to bring new enhancements and features to the solution regularly.

10. What can they offer in exchange for our business?

We understand that the market offers alternatives to New Wave Workspace #deskbooking solution, and we value your business. First and foremost, we seek to understand your needs from the initial meeting so we can accurately map them to the feature set of New Wave Workspace and identify any gaps.

We proactively seek to integrate New Wave Workspace into existing tools and processes to provide a positive user experience, help reduce app-sprawl, and support your #hybridwork and #modernwork strategy.

Finally, our commercial and technical feature set are localised and adapted to each territory we operate.

You and your users will be supported locally by one of our partners, with the full backing and engagement of your customer success agent, and the New Wave Workspace support and development resources.

Bonus Question. Is the commercial offer competitive in the market?

Absolutely. We adopt a local presence, global company vision, where our technical and commercial offering is tropicalised to each territory we operate. This topicalisation shall be felt and understood as our partners and us engage with you from the initial meeting, through the pricing presentation, and any sub-sequent interactions we may have.

Visit our web site for additional papers, videos, insights about #hybridwork, #modernwork and the #futureofwork.


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