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diverse workforce

workplace policies

agile work groups | diverse workforce | social distancing | office occupancy

employee happiness

service requests

surveys | digital checklists | feedback

mental health


#WFH | hybrid work | surveys

Human Resources

Promote employee happiness and mental health for a diverse workforce

hybrid work

workplace policies

#WFH | #WFO | #WFA | # of days at the office


people finder

user tags | Microsoft Teams | multiple users selection


service requests

feedback | work orders | requests


Benefit from #hybrid work that facilitates networking and communication

crowd control

integration DNA

access control | intelligent booking | workplace policies

insightful CRE data


predictive occupancy | CRE business calculator

employee safety

digital checklists

safety | compliance

Corporate Real Estate

Promote employee safety through crowd control and CRE occupancy data

insightful data


utilisation | occupancy | people finder

occupiers' feedback

service requests

surveys | digital checklists | feedback

right-size offices

intelligent booking

desks | rooms | parking | lockers

Facility Manager

Understand building occupancy, deliver right-size office based on occupiers' feedback

robust architecture


AWS hosted | ISO27001 compliant | OAuth2

integrated solution

integration DNA

ITSM | access control | IoT | panels | calendars | messaging 

easy deployment and maintenance



Information Technology

Leverage Software-as-a-Service with an integrated, robust and scalable architecture

support business units

hybrid and digital

agile work groups | diverse workforce | social distancing | intelligent booking

justification for purchase


commercial | volume | contract term

CRE occupancy insight


occupancy | utilisation

Financial Director

Support business units while justifying purchase based on CRE occupancy insights

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#Hybridwork Papers

Understand #hybridwork from experts.

Blog News

read latest blog news about #hybridwork and New Wave Workspace.

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