What I learned from attending ISE Barcelona 2022

First and foremost, I confirm the importance of in-person interactions. After a two-year hiatus, meeting people again felt better than ever. Being able to see people in 3D and hug old-time friends made my heart sing. Sharing a laugh, exchanging experiences, watching a Flamenco spectacle, having meals together was memorable.

As for the ISE show, there were 4 areas that caught my attention.

01 – Not bigger, but smarter screen experience

We all have seen the previous screens trend: bigger, more pixels, higher resolution. High Definition, Ultra HD, PDP, LCD, DLP, OLED, and many other acronyms finally caught up with what consumers want: a superior experience! I felt vendors were more preoccupied with the viewers’ experience and were keen to talk about the use case scenarios and applications. Interactivity was superior, augmented reality was more realistic, data from the interactions were now on display too.

02 – Meeting Equality

I have noticed efforts by all major vendors, led by Crestron 1 Beyond product line, to bring intelligent algorithms to allow in-person and remote meeting attendees to experience ‘in-room’ experience. Although people tracking isn’t new, the way some folks were implementing it greatly improved the experience of those attending the meeting remotely. I saw efforts from Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, Zoom, Logitech, and Pexip to provide similar superior experiences.

03 – Smaller and more powerful than ever

I usually referred to PRO AV hardware as the ‘black boxes’, by coincidence or by design, all vendors seem to have their hardware painted in black. I always wondered if it was a trend, and if so, why nobody painted theirs yellow, or orange, or any other colour to differentiate themselves?! I guess old habits are hard to change. Apologies, I was digressed.

Back to topic. I attended a few demonstrations where vendors pointed to a small – guess which colour? – box and were proud to tell me that that tiny box was all that was needed to control the experience of the entire hardware state, of the floor, or even for the entire building.

I imagine the PRO AV world is following the same miniaturisation that PCs, smartphones, and electronics in general experienced over the past few years.

I was particularly impressed with the Crestron Lighting demonstration where their - ‘white box’ this time – was able to control lighting directly without the need of extra components, controls, etc. I am pretty sure vendors are combining different components into a single small case and promoting the all-in-one feature set. This trend must be easier to maintain and provide a lower total cost of ownership.

04 – Workplace experience

As people return to the office under a hybrid model – work from home, work from the office, work from anywhere – it was evident that Employee eXperience Apps are the way to go. Employees and employers have been asking, and key players in the industry are listening to their needs.

Ease of use, complete workflow experience, and flexibility are mandatory and no longer nice to haves as the hybrid model and customer expectations mature.

Booking a desk, a parking slot, a smart locker, a meeting room for yourself, for colleagues, and visitors is expected from one App. Turning previously manual checklists into digital with insightful analytics is gaining momentum. Asking for a service, or catering from the same App is a must have.

Data analytics is nothing new, but how workplace vendors are leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) and human generated data is maturing towards truly decision making insights.

We at New Wave Workspace, are very proud to be leading the way along with partners and global customers to ensure what we build a flexible workspace platform fitted for purpose while available to all customers as a Software-as-a-Service solution.

In conclusion, the Future is Hybrid and Digital.

Companies are evolving their understanding of what hybrid means to them and to their employees. Technology is playing a key role in enhancing people’s well-being, meeting equality, and inclusivity while providing data points and insights for critical decision making.

I can’t wait to see what InfoComm 2022 reserves for us. Safe travels. See you there.

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