Vaccination tracker. A safe return to the office in 2021

New Wave Workspace is pleased to announce its covid-19 vaccination tracker module. Customers will be able to leverage New Wave Workspace intelligent and flexible workspace booking platform to safely and easily collect and report on employees vaccination record.

As the covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca-Oxford are officialise in many countries globally, New Wave Workspace customers will be able to allow employees to fill-out the vaccination form, safely collect and integrate this information with an existing Human Resources or Health & Safety system through the Integration DNA team at New Wave Workspace.

As additional vaccine types are made available, as more people get back to the office, as more automated control is required, New Wave Workspace can help you to safely integrate this critical information collection during the desk, meeting room or your return-to-office strategy.

Benefits include:

Employees will be able to easily and confidentially upload proof of vaccination during their desk, meeting room or event booking process.

Customers can continue to look after their employees by demonstrating care and by having a systematic approach to collecting vaccination records safely and associate this information with well-being of those who want or need to get back to the office.

Human Resources, Health & Safety management can plan a safe return to the office by prioritising those who have been vaccinated.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of how New Wave Workspace can help you and your company to bring employees back to the office, safely.

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