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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

· Metals and Mining

· US$ 34 billion in revenue in 2017

· 75,000+ employees

· 550+ meeting rooms

· 2,000+ meeting spaces

· 30,000+ desks

Vale, a US$ 34 billing in revenue in 2017, with 76,531 employees is the largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world besides other metals. Vale operates nine hydroelectric plants and a large network of railroads, ships and ports used to transport its products.

Problems to Solve

· Global workspace reservation challenges: Brazil, Canada, China, Switzerland, etc

· Meeting room availability, scheduling and occupancy

· Need to improve user experience from touch panel

· Pre-corona virus: unassigned seating strategy roll-out

· Manual management of global events

· Re-active IT services

· Pos-corona virus: back to office

How New Wave Workspace is helping Vale

“New Wave Workspace was selected among several room and desk scheduling vendors after a very comprehensive evaluation of solutions in the market. The flexibility and cost benefit that Nica and his technical team were able to demonstrate since the award of the contract up to now has been fantastic.” End-user Computing Manager

New Wave Workspace provides an easy way for our employees to search and book meeting rooms into our new and old office buildings across Brazil using their personal or corporate Android and iPhone smartphones.

New Wave Workspace intelligent desk scheduling was first rolled-out to Vale Canada to achieve more with less. Due to office workspace reduction, the organisation chose New Wave Workspace as a desk booking solution due to its ability to solve the problem at hand, but also for the willingness to customise New Wave Workspace to Vale needs. Over time, the New Wave Workspace was rolled out across China and brought different feature sets that had a great impact into how to protect key values from business units moving into the new normal of unassigned desks: (a) ability to set up Group Policies and ring fence some spaces for some departments; (b) set booking priorities based on seniority or ‘local’ status opposed to visitors; (c) ability to bring fixed desks into the pool of unassigned desks upon demand, and much more!

“New Wave Workspace native integration with Crestron touch panels significantly enhanced the user experience due to their robust integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams scheduled meetings. Prior to New Wave Workspace, we had to reboot our touch panels twice per day to re-synch the panel and Office 365, Microsoft Teams. New Wave Workspace brought up-to-date diary synchronisation and helped us to maximise our investment on Crestron touch panels. A simple Crestron panel reboot, selection of New Wave Workspace, et voila, our diary synchronisation issues were gone.” EUC Analyst

“We engaged Nica and his team at New Wave Workspace to help us to move from a Microsoft Forms and Excel based events scheduling and management into a comprehensive Conference Management system with automated notifications. New Wave Workspace ability to build the Conference Management module for us was commendable and proved key during the 300% increase in the number of events being requested during the corona virus pandemic.” Head of Global Video Conference

As the pandemic reaches unprecedented highs, New Wave Workspace can enable the “Back to Office” initiative to allow senior management teams to plan a safe return to office for those in need of an office space.

“Overall, the team at New Wave Workspace is relentless when it comes down to customer service and are always available to assist upon request.” IT Manager

“We, at New Wave Workspace, are very proud of the partnership formed with Vale management team and key users and influencers across the globe. We look forward to many more years of partnership to continue to innovate and solve any challenges ahead.”

Nica Faustino, Global Commercial Director New Wave Workspace

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