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UC Blueprint

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

London, England 1st March 2023 – New Wave Workspace, a leading flexible workplace platform provider, announced today that UC Blueprint is joining its Affiliate global program. As part of the affiliate program, UC Blueprint will assist New Wave Workspace in expanding its channel partners network with initial focus in the North American market, and subsequently globally.

Kirk Muffley, Founder and President of UC Blueprint, said “The New Wave Workspace platform allows businesses to adapt to a hybrid work environment and optimize their investments. By formalizing our partnership, we are providing our customers with business benefits to help eliminate wasted time and space. Productivity tools are a key ingredient in the blueprint for success.”

The expectations of knowledge workers returning to the office is overwhelmingly clear. The preferred new working model is hybrid and done on flexible terms. In response, company leaders are reassessing, reconfiguring, and redesigning their office spaces for hybrid work with an aim to supercharge teams, provide activity-based workspaces with individualized appeal and meaningful spaces for focused connections. Management teams and employees transitioning to complex working models will no longer get by with a collection of standalone booking applications to manage their day. A single, flexible workplace experience platform will be required for employees to feel assured that their wellbeing is top of mind.

New Wave Workspace provides the platform where employees can schedule the resources they need before coming into the office with the added visibility that the people they need to interact with are present. Employers want to ensure the wellbeing of their employees and provide access to insightful analytics to guide data-driven workplace strategies, right-size office space and ensure high utilization and availability of assets. New Wave Workspace delivers on all of that and more.

Nica Faustino, Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with UC Blueprint, under the leadership of Kirk Muffley. Kirk’s vast Audio Visual and Unified Communications connections in the market are second to none and will speed up New Wave Workspace ability to extend our partnership with the appropriate channel partners in North America and beyond.”


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