Top 3 Challenges of a Facility Manager

More now than ever, Facility Managers are looking to solve the space utilisation conundrum.

In the world of pre-coronavirus, Facility Managers aimed for nirvana: right-sizing, knowing so well that at anytime an office would be idle between 17% to 35%, according to many workplace studies globally.

Fast track to November 2020 and with the coronavirus ranging from at peak, in some countries, to the 3rd wave in some Asian countries already, Facility Manager find themselves thinking harder than ever about how to solve space utilisation at the office.

Top Challenge #1. Right-sizing

The only way to achieve right-sizing is to have an eye on office occupancy, employee workplace preference and workspace analytics that not only show you real-time information but help you to predictive workspace requirements based on employee workplace utilisation preferences.

Furthermore, a strong and flexible back to the office policy needs to be enforceable to avoid unnecessary agglomeration and risk of cross coronavirus contamination.

Understanding that right-sizing is nirvana, one should always aim for a solid solution and the team at New Wave Workspace would be happy to travel the journey hand-in-hand to achieve the best possible right-sizing outcome.

Top Challenge #2. Find, roll-out and increase adoption of workplace technology

With coronavirus, finding a workspace management platform became much more difficult. There is simply too many options out there!

In one extreme, Facility Managers will find the bread-and-butter desk booking software with one or two utilisation reports at the low end of the spectrum. Such off-the-shelf, startup driven software is rarely a solution for the mid to long-term problem. Unfortunately, a few ill-informed Facility Managers fall pray to such basic solution, wasting time and generating frustration to employees and employers.

On the other extreme, Facility Managers find the Enterprise software vendors trying to solve every single problem that the company have with their complete ERP solution, nowadays also equipped with yet another module, the coronavirus module. The challenge with such tools is that they cost too much to get implemented in terms of time, money and inevitably frustrate employees who never get to see the value they were looking for, and employers who end up spending months, if not years, of man hours trying to get the solution implemented, then rolled-out.

New Wave Workspace is a solution that fits in the middle and aim to bring the best of both worlds by being a flexible workspace platform with implementation time in days, offering great value-for-money.

Top Challenge #3. Keep employees and employers safe and happy

Keeping employees safe and happy are of extreme importance, more now than ever before! Some employers were too keen on saving in real-estate leasing contracts, rental and jumped too quickly into the #WFM bandwagon. Employees finally started to open-up about their challenges with work from home and employers started to listen to the other side of the story. Although work for home is here to stay, it is not and it could never be the only way forward. Humans need interaction and the office becomes the place to fulfil this important aspect of each of us in order to keep our mental health in check.

We, at New Wave Workspace aim to assist Facility Managers globally to achieve their goals with our software-as-a-service solution focused on Enterprise problems and with Integration as a DNA at the centre of our solution set.

With New Wave Workspace, Facility Managers will have a flexible platform aimed at The New Normal based in our core value-add desk, room and event intelligent scheduling, social distancing, contact tracing, intelligent analytics and with several native integrations: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerBI, Cisco Webex, ServiceNow, DeskManager, SQUAIR, HID Global and many more!

Together, we can achieve nirvana and have a good go at the Top Challenges facing Facility Managers globally: #1 Right-sizing, #2, Technology adoption and #3 Employees safety and happiness.

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