Squattered Workspaces no more!

Squatter. Someone who occupies without the right to do so.

New Wave Worskpace allows facility managers, human resources and health & safety officers to have a digital twin of their physical floors at their fingertips and leverage New Wave Workspace group policies to virtually open and close workspaces to ensure social distancing without the need of major physical office retrofit time and cost.

Unfortunately, some employees choose to sit at workspaces - desks, meeting rooms or even conference rooms - that had been virtually closed. Software alone can't resolve that!

That is why New Wave Workspace partnered with best-in-class IoT, beacons and sensors providers in Brazil & Latin America with SQUAIR and across Europe with HID Global.

Facility managers, human resources and health & safety officers will have real-time information about which workspaces are squattered in their fingertips, allowing them to take immediate actions to rectify the issue and to further educate anyone who is occupying a workspace without the right to do so.

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