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Sideria Passes joins as NEW ESG Product Manager

Updated: Apr 29

Brazil, August 2023 - New Wave Workspace, a leading provider of innovative workplace management solutions, is pleased to announce that Sidéria Ferraz Passes joined our team as a Environmental, Social, Governance ESG Product Manager.

Sidéria Ferraz Passes brings more 17-year experience from working for the largest Brazilian and International banks to New Wave Workspace. Sidéria worked for Banco Real, ABN AMRO, Santander, Itaú-Unibanco. Always as a thought leader, innovative and focused on delivering the best customer service possible, Sidéria is a true believer in products and solutions that help customers thrive.

In challenges times, where our planet and all its inhabitants need to understand their individual contribution into a sustainable future more than ever, Sidéria will be a key player to ensure New Wave Workspace plays a key role in enabling customers aiming to play their part on Net Zero 2050. New Wave Workspace can bring visibility into CO2 emissions and potential savings, based on our workspace management capabilities. Sidéria is committed to deliver tangible ESG value to our global customers. She will work side-by-side with our product management and commercial teams to bring her initiatives to reality.

Commenting on the appointment, Chief Commercial Officer Nica Faustino commented, "it is clear that New Wave Workspace must play a role into bringing the value of Environment, Social, and Governance to the forefront of our value proposition. I look forward to working with Sidéria, be inspired by her passion for sustainability, carbon eco-system, and belief she has that every single individual has a key role to play into Net Zero 2050. I am positive New Wave Workspace capabilities can offer key tangible value into ESG and Net Zero and will support it until we deliver on that promise.”

"It is not every day that we have the pleasure to work with a team that has so much potential in delivering to a cause that I am truly passionate about. It is our duty to think, act, and positively impact the world we live in, and New Wave Workspace has the potential to raise the sustainable profile of companies globally. I look forward to working with the team, channel partners, and customers to accomplish our vision, together.

Sidéria Ferraz Passes

ESG Product Manager

About New Wave Workspace:

New Wave Workspace is a leading provider of cutting-edge workplace management solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable organisations to streamline workspace operations, enhance productivity, and create flexible and dynamic work environments. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, New Wave Workspace continues to revolutionise the way companies manage their workspaces.

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