ServiceNow integration

UK. April 2020

The power of integration within the corporate world should never be underestimated. Integration is in our DNA. One of the biggest problems IT and Facility Management teams face globally is the lack of knowledge about what is working, and what it is not in the workspace. Some companies found solutions to their problem that range greatly per examples below.

One of our Fortune 500 clients use to deploy engineers to perform the daily check list. Highly trained and expensive engineers were used to visit each workspace and ran through a checklist, usually documenting the issues on paper to type them in later into Microsoft Excel and generated a PivTable for easy visualisation of the problems with the workspaces.  Management would, in turn, assign people to data-entry this information into their IT Incident or Facility Management Maintenance system. Needless to say, we thought it must be a better way!

A couple of customers miles away from our Fortune 500, started to roll-out management systems that rely on every IT kit being an IP connected kit, so they can set up alerts and be aware automatically of issues with the equipment like faulty, poor quality, flat batteries, etc. Although it is the nirvana solution, such solutions rely on the legacy equipment being compatible with the IP-connected world, standard communications protocols, etc.  Despite a lot of advance towards the new IP-connected world, the reality is still away from perfect.

At New Wave Workspace, we decided to offer integrations that solved this problem. Today, we are announcing that Workspace integrates with ServiceNow – one of the best Incident Management systems out in the market – users of New Wave Workspace can simply “tap” to report issues with the workspace, and an incident ticket is generated into the correct incident queue, with the correct level of priority based on the importance of the workspace.  For instance, boardrooms get high priority while meeting rooms and huddle rooms can be configured to get medium priority based on custom parameters of New Wave Scheduler. 

By having Integration, Integration, Integration in 30, 60 or 90 days as part of our DNA, New Wave Workspace continues to adapt and solve real-customer needs. We look forward to hear about your integration needs and hopefully assist you to achieve your automation goals!

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