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Sam Khosla joins as NEW Channel Manager in Canada

Updated: Apr 29

Canada, September 2023 - New Wave Workspace, a leading provider of innovative workplace management solutions, is pleased to announce that Sam Khosla joined our team as the Channel Manager for Canada.

Sam’s vast experience in account management with technical elements positions him to a successful Channel Manager role within New Wave Workspace. Sam will help us drive the recruitment, enablement, and sales collaboration with our Canadian channel partners to expand our presence and success across the territory.

Sam will work side-by-side with the New Wave Workspace commercial leadership, leverage his relationships with top-level executives and end users' experience to open doors based on the value-add from New Wave Workspace.

Commenting on the appointment, Chief Commercial Officer Nica Faustino said, "I’ve known Sam for a few months, and his enthusiasm to help customers and his ability to learn quickly impressed me. Welcoming Sam to the New Wave Workspace Canadian team is a pleasure. I look forward to working with Sam and the rest of the team to significantly expand our presence and sales across Canada through our channel partners.”

"It is rare that I ran across a company with such energy to change the status quo in how companies leverage their workplace assets, including meeting rooms, desks, parking, and lockers. I noted that New Wave Workspace brings a lot of energy as a young and fast-growing company. I am proud in being part of the project and eager to get going, recruit and enable new channel partners, and celebrate success!"

Sam Khosla, Channel Manager at New Wave Workspace


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