Office Utilisation pre and post covid-19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

UK. April 2020


Pre coronavirus workspace utilisation was between 62% and 85% based on several market studies by leading companies like CBRE, Gartner and others. During coronavirus, workspace utilisation went down to 0% and 10%.

The question this paper explores is: What is the future of workspaces post coronavirus?


Gone are the days employees could tell their managers and employers that home-office isn’t for them. With coronavirus, employees simply had no choice but to work from home.

The news outlets globally reported about the challenges associated with home-working. Meanwhile, technology providers of video conference, distant learning, secure remote access are having a blast with up to forty fold increase in adoption.

The unanswered question still remains, where would people work from post coronavirus?

One thing is certain, the new normal is yet to be defined.

Employees and employers should be thinking about what workspace really means to them and how to better use corporate workspace and home workspace to the benefit of everybody. A Win/Win is available!


Companies can and should be negotiating their leasing contracts with landlords while discussing with employees a home-work strategy moving forward. Employees should be aware and see the positives of home-working, like time with the family, quiet time (well, after the kids go back to school) while not forgetting that office-working facilitates collaboration, trust and friendship development.  Perhaps none of the this so much talked new normal will take place if a vaccine is found to be effective against the corona virus in the next 3-6 months. What we do know is that people definitely had the opportunity to re-think where they work with, what they do with their time and will choose who to spend time with once they have the choice. For more information, explore New Wave Workspace web site for more information about we can help your business to implement social distancing, priority booking and access control as your teams get back to the office. Intelligent Scheduling can help people to easily book their workstation and require cleaning service on-demand from the solution if required.

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