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Leonidas Canuto promoted to Digital Workplace Expert

Updated: Apr 29

Brazil, August 2023 - New Wave Workspace, a leading provider of innovative workplace management solutions, is pleased to announce the promotion of Leonidas Canuto as our Digital Workplace Expert.

Leonidas has the digital curiosity and understanding of how our customers navigated from office work to hybrid work and are migrating to the modern workplace. It is only natural to have Leonidas focus in providing sound advice and entertain customer conversations about the future of the workplace and the advantages of leveraging New Wave Workspace.

Commenting on the appointment, Chief Commercial Officer Nica Faustino said, "Leo’s approach to understand the customer workplace needs and to explain how New Wave Workspace can adapt to its needs is second to none. His in-depth workplace knowledge acquired over the years with New Wave Workspace and from working with the Professional Audio-Visual market makes Leo a great asset to any modern workplace project. I look forward to learning from Leonidas’ achievements in Brazil under his new role.”

It feels like yesterday, when I started working with technology and bringing the value to customers in the four corners of Brazil.

It gives me pleasure to embark on the Digital Journey of the future of work and modern workplace, representing the adaptability and flexibility that New Wave Workspace brings to our facility managers, human resources, financial director customers out there. I look forward to working with our channel partner community and rolling out New Wave Workspace to all companies in need of our experience and expertise. I also want to thank the New Wave Workspace team for the friendship and professionalism in everything we deliver to our partners and customers." - Leonidas Canuto, Digital Workplace Expert

About New Wave Workspace:

New Wave Workspace is a leading provider of cutting-edge workplace management solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable organisations to streamline workspace operations, enhance productivity, and create flexible and dynamic work environments. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, New Wave Workspace continues to revolutionise the way companies manage their workspaces.

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