Leonardo Vinhas joins as Content Marketing Manager

Brazil, 10 January 2021 - New Wave Workspace announces the appointment of Leonardo Vinhas as Content Manager Globally

At New Wave Workspace Vinhas will work side-by-side with the management team to formulate and deliver the content marketing strategy aligned with the current and future releases of New Wave Workspace with global impact.

Leonardo Vinhas is a journalist and writer who has worked for all major publishing companies of Brazil between 1999 and 2015. Since 2014, he has shifted between writing tech content and huma interest stories for Brazilian and Spanish agencies as well as managing major sports and cultural events. In 2019 he published his third book, “Acamara de Aramaca”, an investigation on the culture and traditions of southern Bahia. The book is a collective creation with the acknowledge photographer Aramaca.

"I joined New Wave Workspace because the company offers solutions that can actually make a difference in a world that has been forever changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What New Wave offers is actually constructive. Everyone likes to highlight disruption nowadays but I see New Wave as a company whose creations help build new things and make every personal and corporate workspace safer and more pleasant"

Leonardo Vinhas.

Nica Faustino, New Wave Workspace Commercial Director commented: “it is a pleasure that someone with such rich cultural and professional experience decided to join New Wave Workspace. It adds to our already diverse and multi-national culture. Our preliminary conversations about where to take New Wave Workspace had been nothing short of enriching and exciting insights. I can’t wait to mature them and take Leonardo’s initial ideas into practice for the benefits of our channel partners, customers and team members globally.”

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