Introducing New Wave Workspace One App. A Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office App.

United Kingdom, February 21, 2021 - New Wave Workspace is focused in solving the challenges associated with the Hybrid Workplace - where employees can #WFM or Return to Office - and the digitalisation of the workplace - Digital Office.

The New Wave Workspace One App empowers employees to intelligently interact with the building through technology. Employees can fill-out company forms (self-assessment covid, vaccination), surveys (well-being), work orders (broken chair, missing IT resources, facilities, catering) while employers can use New Wave Workspace One App to better understand, plan and execute on their Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office strategy.

Employers can roll-out an agile workforce strategy based on the best timeframe and employee bubble configuration of their choice, getting the right people back to office at the same time while respecting unnecessary agglomerations.

Figure 1 - User Journey

Employees can use New Wave Workspace One App to book their desks, reserve their favourite cuppa or even report on issues with their workplace, office facilities or IT resources, all from their fingertips.

As part of a Digital Office, New Wave Workspace One App integrationDNA integrates natively with Crestron panels, occupancy sensor, and Cloud XiO, ensuring IT personnel can deliver on an easy to deploy, easy to maintain desk booking and meeting room booking solution. The integrationDNA approach towards several major brands, allows One App to bring the user experience wanted by employees for a long time. Native integrationDNA with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerBI, ServiceNOW, Desk Manager, Disruptive, SQUAIR to name a few brings the digital building to the hands of the employees.

As the world decides to adopt a Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office strategy, the importance of relevant and intelligent analytics insights can prove the difference between really understanding what the key occupancy, employee behaviour and interaction with the building and its services is, or continue to make decisions on gut feel. New Wave Workspace One App brings a set of Intelligent Analytics to support an insight-driven decision making strategy for Human Resources, Facility Managers, Health & Safety and CxO leaders.

"With New Wave Workspace One App, our customers finally have a single App to successfully roll-out their Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office strategy," said Nica Faustino, Director at New Wave Workspace.

Explore our web site at for additional insights in how New Wave Workspace One App can assist your company today.

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