Are you looking to increase Microsoft Teams usage adoption?

Needless to say that the pandemic helped to break several barriers, cut the red tape, and revolutionise how companies offer service to their users.

According to Market Strategies International, customers prefer using messaging tools like SMS/text, native messaging, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams instead of the traditional Herculean effort to get back to their computer, open an IT, Facilities ticket, fill-out 20+ pieces of information only to get back a ticket number and be informed that a technician will get back to them. When messaging, customers feel they are being served right away and are more willing to provide excellent feedback to the service provider.

Customers want to engage with service providers using the same tools they use daily to communicate for an prompt response and ideally solution to their needs. Companies on the other side, want the additional information, the IT, Facility Management ticket being generated. This gap existed for too long and New Wave Workspace can help to close the gap and provide the best of both worlds to each side of the equation.

Our customers have been asking for integrations into message systems like WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams messaging. Leveraging our integratioDNA® approach we had an easy choice, integrate New Wave Workspace into WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams.

Users can now leverage New Wave Workspace One App® and easily communicate their service requests with a single and simple to use interface, while New Wave Workspace dispatches messages to either WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams channel(s) based on our workplace policies, allowing different service teams to engage with their users on the spot.

Users get a single App to report issues, make their requests easily and and the service providers get the ticket with the additional user and workplace location as needed to serve their customers properly.

The next level of our integrationDNA® shall include chatbot integration to automate the repetitive tasks freeing human-based service providers to attend to the more complex issues.

Learn more about how New Wave Workspace can help you to connect your users to the services you provide here!

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