Crestron best in class touch panels

Amsterdam. February 2020

Integrated and Enterprise grade touch panels offer the best total cost of ownership.

Watch the interview between Nic Milani, Crestron Executive Director and Nica Faustino, Global Commercial Director New Wave Workspace [ here ]

Tired of having your meeting interrupted by people opening the room just to know if the meeting room is available? A meeting room scheduling software can easily release you from such time-wasting annoyance. Not so fast, there is a gotcha, there are tablets and there are tablets to choose from.

Here are a few areas to pay attention.

Total Cost of Ownership. In simple words, how much does it cost to acquire/rent a touch panel, wall/glass mount, install it, and what service level agreement do I get once technology fails? We see too often Enterprise customers thinking cheaper is better without considering the total lifecycle cost of ownership.

Look and feel once installed. Unfortunately, many Audio Video system integrators get too creative when installing touch panels, tablets on walls/glass and end-up making a nice room scheduling solution look so undesirable and ugly that users shy away from it. Ensure to request a design, blue-print and preferably a photo of the installed solution prior to commitment to a particular AV installation company.

LED. Many touch panels will come with a LED usually indicating an available workspace in green, occupied in red and allow configuration of different colours for different statuses. Ensure to see a sample of the touch panel with LED working before committing to the roll-out since many touch panels LED are of very poor quality, look ugly and feel too cheap to be rolled-out to your high quality offices.

Power of the Ethernet. PoE is a technical term that states that a hardware device can be powered from a network Ethernet cable. This capability saves yet another power socket, cable in order to power up the touch panel. Think less is more here.

RFID. RFID is a technology that can enable presence by touch proximity of an employee ID card against a RFID reader on the touch panel. A simple touch and users can check-in, check-out of their meeting, providing actual presence information for decision making decision about room occupancy, capacity and utilisation.

Remote Management System. Enterprise touch panels like Crestron would provide you with their best-in-class Crestron Cloud XiO remote management system to ensure the lifecycle of the device has the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

When you put all together, Crestron Room Scheduling panels simply offer the best value for money along with their light bar, occupancy sensor, Cloud XiO and the superb quality of their hardware.

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