Covid-19 employee self-assessment compliance

New Wave Workspace Covid-19 Employee Self-Assessment form and workflow are fully customisable and enable companies to be compliant with the local country, covid-19 regulations.

Typical Covid-19 employee self-assessment questions include the validation of proximity with a laboratory confirmed covid-19 patient and collection of covid-19 related symptoms like fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing to name a few. Several governments have released compliance employer guidelines including fines upon failure to provide such self-assessment mechanisms to employees.

Instead of collecting employee self-assessment manually or Google or Microsoft Forms, our customers can leverage New Wave Workspace and configure the self-assessment per region, country, even cities and buildings, and decide what to do with the self-assessment information once submitted by the employee.

New Wave Workspace native integration with ServiceNow, DeskManager, Microsoft Sharepoint are a few examples of where the self-assesment form information could securely end-up, besides the traditional e-mail to, or even in App notification to Human Resources or Medical staff relevant to that employee's place of work for a pro-active action to minimise the risk of unknown cross-contamination.

New Wave Workspace captures the self-assessment and Human Resources or Medical staff can then mine the information to have a full audit of the situation.

As part of the customisable New Wave Workspace workflow, our customers can configure the system to place the self-assessment form prior to a desk or office workspace reservation and even prevent the employee from traveling to the office. Setting the employee on quarantine would prevent the employee to book an office desk for the duration of the quarantine.

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