CloudUC joins as a Reseller

Sao Paulo, Brazil. August 2019

New Wave Workspace are very pleased to announce that CloudUC  Comunicações Unificadas Empresariais has agreed to Integrate and resell our solution across Brazil.

Commenting on the agreement, Marco Aurélio A F Julio, Co-Founder with Herman Katzender, said: “New Wave Workspace, with great integration capabilities with other cloud systems, is an outstanding Videoconference Rooms Scheduling Solution to align with CloudUC market offer of  UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), and VaaS (Video as a service)  based on an innovative business model to our customers.”

Angelo Mattiusso, Channel Manager at New Wave Workspace adds, “The strong focus on the Cloud Solutions and the experience on this Brazilian market brings to New Wave Workspace a great value partnership, we start to work together with a successful team on the wave of this no return Cloud movement.”

About CloudUC

CloudUC is a Brazilian Unified Communication and Collaboration Service Provider company offering Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud Solutions. Founded by experienced Telecom Sales and Marketing people, soon realized that their customer needs were no longer satisfactorily met by  IP PBX solutions only. In 2016, CloudUC signed a contract with Mitel Canada to sell UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) mainly by renting  UC licenses with no investment in infrastructures and then, start a new journey to help Brazilian customer tendency to move to the cloud paying in “as a service” model.

But it´s not enough in the real world of cloud communication business:

“Our customers would need more for their daily challenges to join teams, collaborate in real time, enhancing their communication tools and we knew that”.

In addition to encourage our customers to migrate to the cloud, CloudUC started to offer tools and applications to increase, optimize, control and organize meeting environment, using secure, reliable cloud applications like New Wave Workspace.

We are excited to continue our partnership with New Wave Workspace! These are the first steps for a new collaboration and innovation environment that can help our customers to use their offices more efficient and profitable

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