Car Park Booking. How Enterprises are coping with the Hybrid Workplace

According to Gartner research of June 2020 research , CFOs globally were planning to reduce real-estate budgets by 8%. That is before the pandemic had been extended into 2021!

The pandemic is forcing companies to adopt a Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office workplace and workforce strategy to provide the best possible balance between #WFM, Return to Office, Work from Anywhere. With this advent, parking lots are become, at best, half empty, which is seen as a waste of money by many employers.

What if there was a better way, where employers can adopt an intelligent car park booking system to help to plan, organise and make car park bays available to employees?

New Wave Workspace is extending its feature-rich Flexible Workplace Platform with a car park booking module in our next release to be announced soon.

Some of the challenges our design team identified with customers, include:

  • Should car parking be available to all staff or just a few priviledged ones?

  • How to handle visitors car parking?

  • What should be the booking car park process to allow fairness and control?

  • Would handicap, directors, VIP employees have reserved car parking bays? How many? How often are they utilised?

  • What about the decision between numbered car park bays versus unmarked bays? What if someone parks in the incorrect bay?

  • And the list goes on and on and on...

Car Park Booking may seem easy at first, but as our designers listen to our customer needs, more we realise the challenges associated with such booking system.

New Wave Workspace Car Park Booking shall have the ability for employers to setup car parking bays for handicap personnel, VIP employees and create a car park policy where different teams have a certain number of car park bays allocated to them. As always, the New Wave Workspace team will collect the relevant data from car parking behaviours, no-show (integrationDNA with proximity sensors), and inform the car park marshalls, or company directors about their car park utilisation and any anomalies to the expected good-citizen behaviour.

Obviously, technology won't solve every single challenge associated with car parking but we certainly will give our best shot at helping our customers with this increasingly challenge for companies post pandemic.

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