Bruno Honda joins as Creative Producer

Brazil, 10 January 2021 - New Wave Workspace announces the appointment of Bruno Honda as Creative Producer

At New Wave Workspace Bruno will work side-by-side with the management team to formulate, produce and deliver the content marketing strategy aligned with the current and future releases of New Wave Workspace with global impact.

After a decade working at Mauricio de Sousa Produções’ (the house of Monica and Friends, most beloved characters in Brazil), managing branding, planning and new originals series as Head of Design of the company and Creative/Executive Producer and creator at the new audiovisual team, Bruno started his own iniciatives at the end of 2020, Pachinko (focused on entertainment content creation) and Roboto (specialized in branding and licensing).

"I joined New Wave Workspace because, as curious as I am, my attention was drawn for the edgy thinking of the company and its founder Nica. The more I studied the solutions and the more I ‘stalked’ Nica’s career and social media, the more curious I became: it seemed to me that those guys just figured out a fundamental part of the future of working space.”

Bruno Honda

Commenting on the announcement, Nica Faustino, Commercial Director said: “Bruno’s initial pitch to the future of New Wave Workspace checked every box one would ask from an experienced and creative person that Bruno certainly is. His ability to extract the DNA of New Wave Workspace and present his vision for our future with such ease was commendable. I am ready and excited to work with Bruno on a strategic and tactical levels to bring an ease to understand and exciting message to our customers and channel partners globally.”

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