Brazil, April 1st, 2021 – Growth. New Opportunities! in Brazil

This pandemic brought a lot of challenges globally but a few companies like New Wave Workspace had the unique opportunity to play its part in solving the problem as companies and employees start to understand that a Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office brings a lot of opportunities to all involved.

At New Wave Workspace, we are not exempt from such outcomes and we are very happy to announce the promotion of two Knights of New Wave Workspace: Angelo Mattiusso and Eduardo Dacorso.

Angelo helped us to kick-off New Wave Workspace in Brazil a couple of years ago and drove our 100% go-to-market partner foundation by recruiting, training and helping to establish New Wave Workspace as a power-house in the Brazilian market. Angelo’s partnership approach is closely linked to New Wave Workspace partnershipDNA that allows us to work with people who care about their customers, care about solving problems, and understand that the financial rewards will come as we look after customers.

Angelo is being promoted to Global Enablement Manager role and will work closely with our global channel managers to help them to enable the channel for performance, work closely with our Customer Success Team to help them to onboard customers smoothly and play a critical role in helping us to onboard new team members. We have no doubt that Angelo will exceed his own expectations and deliver a Top Notch Enablement program globally.

Eduardo has joined us in the last 6 months and his friendly and light humor approach puts a smile in our faces in every meeting. Beyond that relaxed and n'importe quoi attitude, Eduardo has made his mark very quickly as a Business Development Manager and developed a trusted partnership with his assigned resellers, significantly increased our sales pipeline, sales results and contributed to our internal processes and procedures.

Eduardo is being promoted to Channel Manager Brazil with immediate effect and in his new role, Eduardo will pick up where Angelo left and help to drive our Brazilian partners through a growth journey with New Wave Workspace.

As the world prepares to get back to the new office and adopt a Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office workforce and workplace strategy, it is fundamental that we have the right people in the right seats in the bus and the correct partner eco-system.

We are convinced that the New Wave Workspace Brazilian team will conquer the challenges ahead and positively impact the lives and business outcomes of our partners and customers in the region.

Commenting on the promotions, Nica Faustino, Commercial Director, said “we are blessed to have such a fantastic group of people who believe in something bigger than New Wave Workspace. They believe they can make a difference; they believe they can work with partners and customers and become intrinsically involved in solving the problem. The coronavirus pandemic forced us to re-think how we live our lives, who we want to work with us, and I couldn’t ask for anything better about the entire team at New Wave Workspace. I wish lots of success to Angelo and Edu on their journey ahead.”

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