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Updated: May 5, 2021

Many challenges and opportunities are impacting the status quo. This is an opportunity to keep your employees safe, productive and to revise fixed costs.

A new world is emerging from the pandemic!

Working from home is no longer a valid choice but a desirable one for many employers and employees globally.

In parallel, there are some areas that require our attention. How to support people psychologically in this new model of work? It is unquestionable that going back to the office environment favours socialisation and more interaction between people.

With this challenge in mind, the HybridWorkplace | Digital Office equation quickly became the most complete solution.

Employees are demanding the hybrid model of work

Significant changes in corporate buildings

Property owners and occupiers quickly understood that a revolution was ahead and fast approaching. They started negotiating existing leasing contracts, making them flexible and looking for the proverbial Win / Win. The real estate revolution is just beginning and alternative workplaces are being created at an extremely rapid pace around the world.

Visit us at https://www.newwaveworkspace.com to discover how New Wave Workspace can be part of this journey.

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