Social Distance in Office

Safe return to the office

• Return To Office Safely   • Intelligent Desk & Room Booking   • Social Distancing   • Integration DNA    • The New Normal.


Facility Managers


Social Distancing
Integration FM systems
Office utilisation by department or cost centre

Use Case Vale [do Rio Doce]

"New Wave Workspace flexibility was key to us."

Marcio de Oliveira - End User Computing

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Flexible Workspace Platform


New Wave Workspace is a flexible Platform that enables The New Normal.

Social Distancing. Intelligent Scheduling for desks, rooms and events.

Integration is in our DNA. 30, 60 or 90 days!  We help companies get Back to The Office safely.

Benefits to Users | Personal Assistants | IT | Facilities Managers | HR | Corporate Real Estate |  Finance | Innovation teams.