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Dernière mise à jour : 21 mai 2021

A brand new world is emerging after the pandemic: working from home became not only viable but a desirable alternative for employees around the planet. At the same time, drawbacks related to people’s mental health have been identified everywhere. In this unprecedented scenario, the description “Hybrid Workplace + Digital Office” had quickly become the most complete solution for reducing real estate costs and keeping employees safe, productive and, most of all, happy.

Real Estate, Real Changes Corporate Real Estate owners and Occupiers quickly understood that a revolution was ahead and approaching fast. They started to negotiate existing leasing contracts, making them flexible and looking for the proverbial win/win outcome. The real estate revolution is just beginning and alternative workplaces are being created at an extremely fast pace globally

Best of Both Worlds

As the vaccination roll-out progresses, more and more employers and employees are looking for solutions to balance the equation between WFO (Working From Office) and WFH (Working From Home). The long period of social isolation has shown that employees surely can keep their productivity levels, but they also miss the routine of meeting their colleagues and juggling office and home spaces while the cost of real estate makes it simply unacceptable to leave offices empty or with very low utilisation.

It’s Lonely at the Top

Although employees of every level of the organisation suffered mental health issues since the rise of the pandemic, executives and Human Resources seem to have struggled the most to adapt.

Why should Human Resources and Facility Management adopt a Hybrid Workplace?

In the last decade, the corporate world has been through an unprecedented digital transformation. Now, the extended coronavirus pandemic accelerated even more the changes and companies were unable to ignore the data, cost and opportunities presented by this ever-changing scenario. They all need to adapt to survive and prosper under different global

Happiness is Good for Business

And one of the most crucial points of attention for the next decade is how to manage the satisfaction and sense of belonging of employees. Smart companies already realised that the – good – employee experience not only makes everyone happier, but also drives faster growth.

Spaces designed without a hybrid workspace and integrated with technology is a must.

Consider the health and well-being of employees as a focus that makes a difference both in the daily lives of employees and in the results of companies that seek to understand trends in the occupation of their spaces. Detect in advance the first signs of fatigue of the team and how these spaces are being used an overview of the company's culture and allowing a decision making to be agile and in a personalised way.

How will we settle

post pandemic?

How can we pull this off? Hybrid Workplace Checklist

Leverage technology to better understand your employees’ need, constantly communicate with them and help them to feel safe when WFH, WFO or WFA (Working From Anywhere). Adopt One App to become everyone’s remote control, passport for a safe return to the office and happy workforce.

Adopt the Inevitable

Understand your workforce desires, embrace technology passionately and embark on the journey ahead where the physical blends with the digital and the world becomes a better place.

Join us on this journey!

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