Jan 2022, Brazil - Henrique Dacorso joins as customer success manager

New Wave Workspace, the providers of an intelligent and flexible workspace platform for the Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office adoption is pleased to announce that Henrique Dacorso - a graphic artist, experienced in Illustration Softwares, Photography and Web Designer – agreed to join the New Wave Workspace team in Brazil.

Henrique has more than 18 years of experience in Web Design, Photograph, Photo editing, 2D and 3D Illustration and Artistic drawing, with a great artistic skills and creativity.

“I decided to join New Wave Workspace because I strongly believe that the Hybrid Work model is the future of work for Enterprises, and it is a platform that facilitates the return to office, safely. I also believe that I can significantly contribute to the high quality and easy to use 3D floor plans to customers, reinforcing even further New Wave Workspace trademark in the market.”

Henrique Dacorso

Customer Success Agent

Nica Faustino, Commercial Director at New Wave Workspace adds, “having someone of Henrique’s background is a must-have for our ever growing team in Brazil. I want to thank Henrique for the vote of confidence in New Wave Workspace and I am keen for him to shine as part of our customer success global team. I am positive his work will be seen and appreciated in all corners of the world and wish him and the team a very successful journey ahead.”

New Wave Workspace continues to bring innovative ways to help companies back to the office. Our recently launched smart locker booking and integration, parking, and even easier to use home screen, are testament that we listen to our customers and are keen to always improve based on feedback.

Looking forward to helping you and your business to return to the office under a hybrid workplace and digital office soon.

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