Hybrid Workplace is here to stay

The Future of Work is shaping up

Hybrid workplace is a workforce strategy where employees can work from home #WFH, work from the office, or work from anywhere. Hybrid workplace became ubiquitous during the covid-19 pandemic.

What Next?

As the world citizens get vaccinated, the next phase of the future of work asks many questions from employers, employees and vendors. Where should I work from today? Are my team members working from the office next week? Can I work from home three out of five days this week? How about next week? How to create an environment where people don't feel isolated, lonely? What is my office occupancy? Should I reduce office space? Should we anticipate the future office retrofit and provide a more collaborative and less bum-on-seat office environment to our employees? And the list of questions goes on, and on, and on...

Although nobody can affirm what the future of work will look like, more and more companies backed up by surveys from CBRE, JLL, Gensler, McKinsey, Gartner and our own Linkedin survey above seems to confirm that Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office are here to stay.

After self-analysis and feedback from employees and the management team, company directors started to digest the future of work where three main categories are emerging.

Home-based contracts. Employees on a home-based contract do not have a desk at the office, and in some extreme cases, employees can't get one either. These may be reserved for a few roles where either physical or mental disabilities prevent the individual from coming to the office, but can still contribute remotely with their intellect, experience and skills. Other times, it may be just the the employee's choice to work from home.

Hybrid worker. Team members who have some tasks that can be delivered without collaborating with others may prefer to work from home, avoid the distractions of being in the office, and only come to the office when needed to perform tasks that are simply better when done in a team or face-to-face with a colleague: negotiation of a critical project budget with your colleagues, customer, or vendor; to generate momentum by energising the troops around a key initiative, etc.

Office worker. People in this category tend to struggle when working alone, not seeing and be seen by others, and sometimes, simply don't have the home-office environment to be productive; be it lack of space, lack of a quiet corner to concentrate, or simply the need to be around people.

Benefits of the Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office

Employers looking to save on office leasing cost, provide a safe return to office to employees, improve employee productivity and positively contribute to ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) can greatly benefit from adopting a flexible workspace platform.

Cost Savings

Employers can leverage New Wave Workspace workplace occupancy analytics and decide on the office right-sizing based on real data, gathered by Internet of Things and, or Humans.

Return to Office Safely
Employees can improve their safety by easily reporting their office desk, meeting room cleaning and sanitisation needs, knowing that the cleaning staff would be automatically notified via WhatsApp, and the Facility Management team would receive a Microsoft Teams message along with a ticket being created into the FM system. IT, FM and Human Resource teams can perform digital checklists tasks to ensure the office complies with rules and regulations.

Employee Productivity
Employers and employees can better collaborate by knowing who is in the office, or by creating agile workforce teams who can book desks on behalf of others, or find out about colleagues' presence in the office, and easily communicate with colleagues.


In a world where the environment, social and governance matters, employers and employees can gain significantly by not having to commute to the office every day of the week, and realise considerable savings on petrol, food, and electricity while contributing to ta better world for the future generations.

The future of work is destined to be Hybrid Workplace | Digital Office.

New Wave Workspace

New Wave Workspace is a flexible workspace platform that enables the future of work. Our flexible capabilities around desk booking, meeting room and events booking, digital checklists, service requests catalogue supported by more than 15 different integrations into systems like Cisco Webex, ServiceNow, Glpi, Desk Manager, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Teams, SQUAIR, Omni Electronica, HID Global, Slack, WhatsApp, and many more. New Wave Workspace is poised to be a key player into your workplace and workforce strategies of the future.

New Wave Workspace operates as a Global Company with Local Presence. Contact us for a free of charge consultation.

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